Ron MoralesAfter receiving a degree in Photography from Parson School of Design, Ron Morales continued on to New York University and graduated with a BFA in Film. His first feature film Santa Mesa (2008) won the Special Jury Prize at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival; Best Dramatic Narrative Feature at the San Diego Asian Film Festival; and Best Feature Film at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival.

Santa Mesa was also in competition at Rome’s Alice nella Citta, and Ron was nominated for Emerging Director at the Asian American International Film Festival. Recently, he directed his second feature film, Graceland, a kidnapping drama set in the Philippines. At the same time, Ron is working on three other screenplays: Siquijor, an existential road movie about finding a shaman healers, The Harvest, a three-part story about human trafficking (buying love, selling love, and searching for love), and Amexican, a Mexican border crossing drama.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden Rebecca Lundgren, a film lover, joined enthusiastically the Graceland film team in August 2010. Rebecca comes from the world of performing arts. She held administrative positions in departments such as production, marketing, finance, development, and education at the following arts organizations: Dance Theater Workshop, New York Foundation of the Arts, Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, Gina Gibney Dance, Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and Paul Taylor Dance Company. Rebecca graduated Magna cum Laude in Dance from Mount Holyoke College in 2006, and received her M.A. in Performing Arts Administration from New York University in 2010.

Sam Rider, a Bay Area native and all-around filmmaker, graduated from New York University Film School and produced several films in New York and India. Tenderloin is one of two features he produced in the Bay Area. He also works in documentary and commercials, and was Production Coordinator on Logan and Noah Miller’s Touching Home.

Yusuke Kamata was born in Tokyo, Japan. After receiving his degree in Journalism from Waseda University in Tokyo, he relocated to New York to pursue a career in film/TV production. Since 2000, Yusuke has worked as a director/producer at Fujisankei Communications International, Inc. (US subsidiary of Fuji Television Networks, Inc., based in Tokyo), and covered news events such as 9/11, produced sports programs featuring NBA, MLB, PGA and NFL, and directed documentaries on renowned American and Japanese athletes, such as the New York Yankees’ Hideki Matsui. In 2006, Yusuke joined Gigantic Pictures in New York. In addition, he line-produced the New York section of Last Love and was the producer of Satellite, Year of the Fish, Two Young Men Utah, Reunion, Hirosaki Players and Bungo.

Sung Rae Cho or Shoichi Nishiyama is a New York-based cinematographer. From the time he left his native city of Kyoto, Japan, at the age of sixteen, he has lived and worked all over the United States. During his college years he became truly passionate about filmmaking and story telling. Since then, Shoichi has worked on dozens of features, television series and commercials as a focus puller and camera operator with some of the world’s most celebrated filmmakers and directors of photography. Often attracted to challenging scripts, he strives to tell stories visually. This is his third feature credit as a director of photography.

Juan Benedicto Eudela y Rodriguez, or JB, is a multi-media artist from the Philippines. He graduated with a degree in Motion Picture Production from the Asia Pacific Film Institute in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. A studio photographer by trade, he geeks out over contemporary art, electronic music and Philippine History with specialization on colonial Spanish era. A self-declared modern shaman, he is laid back and kind of a free spirit. JB also believes that anything GREEN is GOOD. He bikes around his hometown in his spare time and mixes electronic music as a bedroom DJ at his home base in the City of Parañaque.

For more than a decade, Roland Rubenecia has devoted his creativity and imagination to enhance the set design of theater plays, shot films, feature films and television shows in the Philippines. Roland’s signature as a Production Designer can be seen in film productions such as Wat Floor Ma’am?, If I Knew What You Said and Romeo at Julia. He also held the helm as an Art Director on Chassis, SpEd Hearts, and Precious Hearts Romances.

Miguel Araneta is an up and coming film editor and colorist in Philippine cinema. A graduate of the University of the Philippines Film Institute, he has worked on over a dozen feature films including Pepe Diokno’s Engkwentro (Clash), winner of the Venice Film Fest Orrizonti Award for Best Film. For his work in Engkwentro, Miguel received both the 33rd Gawad Urian Award and the 2010 Young Critics Circle Award for Best Editing. Miguel uses Avid Media Composer when editing but is also comfortable with the popular Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. For coloring, he uses Avid Symphony for and DaVinci Resolve as his tools of choice. When not editing feature films, he works as a cinematographer for short films and music videos. He also hopes to write his own feature film in the near future.

Sönam Gray was born in Scotland. His love of making electronic music and sound recording brought him to London in 1997, where he trained at SAE College and University of the Arts in both Audio Engineering and Sound Design/Sonic Arts respectively. After relocating to New York in 2006, Sönam has been involved in mixing and sound designing short films, corporate/commercials and feature films. His film work has been shown at places such as Venice Film Festival, ICA London, NFT London, the Montreal Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas. A regular collaborator with Ron Morales, Sönam gladly brings his touch to enrich the sound palette of Graceland.